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Windmills: The Iconic Landmark of the Island

In Mykonos, there are many sights and attractions that will definitely steal your heart away. The embroidered beaches with the crystalline waters and the picturesque chapels, the amazing nightlife and the cosmopolitan aura. But above all, there is the distinctive Cycladic architecture that attracts and captivates. It is this architecture that has been imprinted in the minds and hearts of travelers from all over the world. And a fine example of this architecture is undoubtedly Mykonos windmills, a true landmark of the island.

Ever since the 16th century, these windmills have been proven an exceptional asset in the hands of the locals. Taking advantage of the powerful wind energy on the island, the locals managed to process wheat and create the basis for covering their dietary requirements. This is why most windmills were located within close proximity to Mykonos harbor.
Of course, over time the Mykonians stopped being so dependent on the use of windmills. Instead, they found new ways to process the raw materials and therefore the windmills were gradually abandoned. This does not mean that their cultural value does not continue on. On the contrary, some of the windmills have been transformed into museums. They depict the life in Mykonos as it used to be in the past centuries.

You can find the windmills in various high peaks on the island, with the most famous one being at Mykonos Chora. Standing tall and shaping the Mykonian landscape, these windmills are definitely the most eloquent proof of recent Mykonian history. Take pictures of them and gather information as to their significant value, their impressive design and practical nature.
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