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Private Yachting Tours for Unforgettable Experiences

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There is nothing better than exploring the beauty of Mykonos, from the most privileged spot on the island. In fact, being on board a private yacht will shape memories of a lifetime and allow you to discover places that you would not be able to otherwise. So feel free to check out the cruises and sailing tours that are available on the island; you will be able to enjoy your Mykonian stay to the fullest in this way!

From Platis Gialos, private yachts depart on a regular basis. They enable travelers to set out on watery adventures and sail across the Aegean. You can choose to discover the most famous beaches of Mykonos and dive in their magical waters. Through the sailing tours, you will have the opportunity to visit Super Paradise and Paradise, Lia and Elia, Agrari and many more. In addition, you may choose to scuba dive or fish afloat. There are also glass-bottom cruise ships that allow you to take a glimpse at the rich seabed of Mykonos.

Apart from all that, you may delve in more exclusive experiences. There is the option of a candlelight dinner at sunset. And you can always schedule for private yachting tours to Delos and other destinations, near or far.

Nissaki Boutique Hotel is only 110 meters from Platis Gialos. So you can see how easily accessible this magical beach is from our hotel. If you are interested in finding out more about private yachting options, you are more than welcome to contact us. Feel free to schedule the most amazing tours, which cover your needs and desires in full.
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