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Plan Your Dreamy Wedding in Mykonos

Mykonos is the ultimate destination, not only for its vibrant nightlife and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Of course, these are exceptional elements adding to the overall charm of the island. But it goes without even saying that Mykonos is a marvelous island of Cyclades, filled with an aura of romance and passion. The infinite blue sea and the dramatic views from above, the picturesque chapels and the lovely settlements, these are all amazing details that compose a dreamy destination for hosting your wedding.

Couples in love who wish to make the most of their wedding experience are welcome to explore the options on offer in Mykonos. This is a place where dreams come alive and therefore you should bring your own dream to life. Where else would you imagine getting married, exchanging vows of eternal love and commitment?
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Whether you wish to host a quiet wedding with a few select guests or a wild party, Mykonos is just the place to be. Landscapes of unspoiled natural beauty, upscale services and unique wedding planning options will allow you to organize everything according to your preferences and desires. There is nothing too big to consider, since sky is the limit!

At Nissaki Boutique Hotel, you are welcome to host your dream at the picturesque chapel. With the Aegean as the absolute backdrop, you may get married overlooking the sea at sunset. Imagine the pictures that are going to shape memories of a lifetime. Enable us to suggest the most suitable wedding planning options, meeting your singular desires.

Contact us and we will be there right by your side, every step of the way. Together we will make your dream come true in Mykonos, enjoying your wedding just like you should. And then we will be expecting you for your honeymoon in Mykonos!
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