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Mykonian Cuisine: A Journey to Gastronomic Wonders

Mediterranean cuisine is a healthy and delicious diet, based on local and organic produce. When it comes to Mykonos, Mediterranean cuisine is celebrated with a twist of tradition and modernity. The outcome is purely mesmerizing, offering fresh and surprising combinations. No matter if you are more of a meat or fish person, a vegan or a gluten-free enthusiast, you will find exceptional culinary options in Mykonos!

First and foremost, Mykonian cuisine is based on seasonality. Only the freshest local products make it to the dishes served on the island. Paying great attention to organic ingredients and high quality products, the effect in flavor is apparent. Rich tastes and aromas, juicy texture and vivid colors, these are the details that add to the perfect dining experience. In Mykonos, you are always certain of the optimal quality standards in ever dish. And with the addition of fish and seafood from the Aegean, freshness is amazing and omnipresent.
Local products such as kopanisti (a creamy cheese with salty and spicy flavor) and louza (cured meat, like prosciutto) are blended with international influences and typical Greek recipes. The outcome is amazing, with the flavors intertwined magically. You are free to enjoy a plethora of different dishes, all carefully selected to meet your individualized needs and desires.

At Nissaki Boutique Hotel, the Phos Restaurant offers a compelling view to the world famous Psarou and distinctive white d├ęcor, gourmet dining options and upscale service. This is the perfect place to dine and wine with a spectacular view to the Aegean. If you are interested in the finest quality standards in gastronomy and services, you know where to look. Enjoy!
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